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Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

Wedding photographer Mallorca: Welcome to Golden Elephant, your premier wedding photographer in Mallorca. With our extensive experience and passion for photography, we can create unique memories for you on your special day. We will capture the intimate moments of your wedding and also give you the support you need to have an unforgettable wedding. Our team consists of professional and experienced photographers who will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Getting married in Mallorca – We understand needs and requirements for your weddings

We use the latest technology and techniques to create beautiful images with a unique aesthetic. Golden Elephant’s photographers and videographers will transform your special event into a beautiful work that you can cherish forever. Our professional team of photographers is ready to serve you anywhere in Mallorca. We offer you an unforgettable experience that you can keep forever.

Unforgettable moments captured forever – Your wedding photography

Chuch in Son Servera - (c) Wedding photographer Mallorca
Chuch in Son Servera - (c) Wedding photographer Mallorca
Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

Whether it’s a small ceremony, a large celebration, we are here for you. We will capture every important moment and memory of your wedding day and also provide you with the support you need to make your day unforgettable. Every moment can come back to life through our images from getting ready to the couple shoot and the evening celebrations.

Wedding photographer in Mallorca – For unforgettable moments!

We love to accompany happy bridal couples, to experience their stories and to witness the most beautiful day of their lives, with all the happy people and the unforgettable moments. Whether it’s a free wedding ceremony in Palma or an emotional church wedding in Son Servera, every wedding is very special to us. In a wonderful wedding reportage we capture all these unforgettable moments and highlights.

Golden Elephant wedding reportages in Mallorca – Memories for eternity!

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

We offer you a professional photographer and videographer for your wedding in Mallorca. You can book us for all your photo needs, whether it is a small ceremony, a big celebration or a unique day. We will capture all the important moments and memories of your wedding for you and also give you the support you need to make your day unforgettable.

The Golden Elephant team in Mallorca

Golden Elephant is staffed exclusively by experienced and nationally recognized professional photographers and videographers for weddingvideos, who are fully dedicated to their work. Each of us has extensive experience and a professional demeanor, which guarantees that you will be absolutely satisfied with the result of our work. We are proud to provide you with a team of professionals. With Golden Elephant, you can be sure that you will receive professional, high-quality results.

Why choose Golden Elephant as your wedding photographer in Mallorca?

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

We offer you unique memories of your special day. Our team at Golden Elephant consists of professional and experienced photographers and videographers who will provide you with an unforgettable experience. We use the latest technologies and techniques to create unique photos with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. We are in the process of turning your special event into a beautiful piece of work that you can cherish forever.

The Golden Elephant style

Golden Elephant is a wedding photographer in Mallorca that stands out for its unique and creative photography style. As a wedding photographer, we offer a unique photography style that is timeless and modern. Golden Elephant’s color style has been carefully developed to achieve a natural and authentic result. We do not use filters, but edit each photo by hand to bring out its beauty. This creates atmospheric images that capture the emotions and memories of the day and preserve them forever. We love to capture the special moments of your wedding and capture them for eternity. In doing so, we manage to highlight even the small details of your wedding, creating unique memories.

Black and white photos by Golden Elephant – A timeless classic full of beauty

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

Black and white photos have a very special appeal and are also very popular for weddings. They give each moment a certain nostalgia and elegance that color photos often can not achieve. By not using colors, the emotions, the moments and the essence come out much more. Even in low light or unfavorable color combinations, black and white images always look harmonious and appealing.

Black and white photos are perfect for emotional and classic shots, such as the bride and groom dancing for the first time or the ring exchange. They perfectly support the mood and atmosphere. Black and white photos are also great for reportage shots, which are all about the story and the emotions.

If you are looking for a special, elegant and timeless memory of your wedding, you should definitely consider some beautiful black and white photos. They will inspire you over and over again and make your wedding appear in a very special light.



The way it works – Experience authentic moments with Golden Elephant wedding photographers

Golden Elephant wedding photographers are known for their passion for spontaneous moments and their movement-oriented photography. They naturally create beautiful and authentic photos by capturing the moment and the emotional reaction. Imagine your bride or groom standing behind you, hugging you and kissing your ear. These are exactly the kind of interactions that our photographers love to capture during bridal couple shoots. Don’t be afraid of the photo shoot, it will be casual and relaxed, and our team has plenty of ideas of poses to make you feel confident in front of the camera and get beautiful photos that you can later hang on your walls at home in large prints.

Golden Elephant: values, responsibility and wedding photography with passion

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

Golden Elephant joyfully pursues a clear vision: to provide brides and grooms with high-quality, creative and unforgettable wedding images that capture every emotion and memory of the big day. We value handshake quality, loyalty and responsibility, and strive for a calm and friendly approach at every wedding. The attire of our wedding photographers always reflects the theme of the day. Away from weddings, we also support social projects that are close to our hearts. “Golden Elephant” – the symbol of elegance and wisdom. The color gold and the symbol of the elephant stand for a special, long and happy life – exactly what we wish every bridal couple for their future together.

How much does a wedding photographer in Mallorca cost?

A wedding photographer in Mallorca is usually between 1,000 and 5,000 euros for a day reportage. Prices below or above this are also possible.

Depending on availability, we offer you a medium to exclusive price segment. Our costs always include photo editing. Since we calculate from our location in Mallorca, there are no travel expenses. We want to give you the perfect experience and unforgettable memories of your wedding that you will carry with you for a lifetime. Let’s make your dreams come true together!

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Does Golden Elephant have a portfolio of wedding photos in Mallorca?

Yes, we have a portfolio of wedding photos in Mallorca. Our photos show the happiness and magical moments that happen on your special day. We are proud to provide our clients with images that you can share with your friends and families forever.

Recommended wedding locations in Mallorca by Golden Elephant

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

As wedding photographers, we know how important it is to find a perfect location for your wedding. We have seen a variety of beautiful wedding venues in Mallorca over the years. We are happy to help you find the perfect location for your dream wedding. Here are some of our recommendations:

Castillo Histórico

We highly recommend Castillo Histórico as a beautiful location for your wedding. The magnificent beauty with its dreamy gardens offers a unique atmosphere that will delight you and your guests. Originally dating back to the 13th century, the historic building still shows its impressive beauty today.

From the outdoor space with the garden and the small lake, to the wide stone staircases, to the indoor spaces with the banquet hall and the courtyard, the Castillo Histórico offers numerous possibilities to make your event unforgettable. Whether you want to celebrate outdoors or indoors, everything is possible here. The mix of neo-Gothic elements and medieval castles ensures that your event will be historic, elegant and modern.

As an accommodation option for you and your guests, the Castillo Histórico is available. With a capacity of up to 300 people and a minimum stay that will be determined in consultation, it offers everything you need for an unforgettable wedding.

A place full of Mediterranean beauty – Finca Manor House

Experience your dream wedding in the middle of a breathtaking landscape on Mallorca. Finca Manor House is a special property that will give you and your guests unforgettable moments. The spacious outdoor areas can accommodate up to 500 people and invite you to dine al fresco. The historic courtyard is the perfect place for a reception or a party afterwards. Several outdoor spaces offer you the opportunity for a gorgeous free wedding ceremony. The property is located next to a golf course and offers breathtaking views over the Tramuntana Mountains.

The interiors are stylishly decorated in Mallorcan style and can accommodate up to 200 people. Traditional elements like the blue shutters or the imposing entrance door give the room a special atmosphere. Due to the large outdoor areas and the many design possibilities, Finca Manor House is the ideal location for unforgettable weddings, birthdays or special occasions.

Experience a dream wedding by the sea at Port Verd del Mar

Port Verd del Mar – Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant
Mallorca wedding location Port Verd del Mar
(c) Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

As wedding photographers, we know how important it is to find a perfect location for your wedding. Port Verd Del Mar is a place where you can experience your unforgettable wedding.

he Lehmann family has created a real paradise of pleasure here and established one of the most beautiful locations on Mallorca. With a breathtaking view over the Costa des Pins, a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace and in the pavilion directly by the sea, every event or candlelight dinner becomes a special premium experience.

You can celebrate your civil ceremony in the beautiful round pavilion above the sea, surrounded by a breathtaking view. Indulge in a reception with cava or sparkling wine and enjoy with your guests the best that Port Verd has to offer, such as gourmet finger foods, country tapas and multi-course menus, freshly prepared by the excellent kitchen team.

Enjoy this special day with your guests to the fullest, from a beautiful wedding ceremony to a boisterous celebration at the finca event location that lasts into the night.

Other wedding venues we can recommend are:

Finca Manor House

Castillo Histórico

Finca Amor

Finca España

Castillo Redondo

Museo Explorador

Castillo Mágico

Hotel Can Verdera

Hotel L Avenida

Belmond La Residencia

Hotel & Restaurant Ca’s Xorc

Son Marroig

Monestir de Miramar

Hotel Cap Rocat

Hotel Can Simoneta


Gran Hotel Son Net

Weingut Santa Catarina

Hospes Maricel & Spa Hotel

An unforgettable dream wedding on the islands of Menorca or Ibiza: alternative options for your celebration.

If you can’t find an available date for a wedding in Mallorca, don’t be disappointed. The neighboring islands of Menorca and Ibiza also offer unique and stunning options for your wedding ceremony.

Menorca is a picturesque destination with beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, providing a perfect setting for a romantic beach wedding.

Ibiza, on the other hand, is the perfect place for brides and grooms who want to experience an extravagant and unique wedding, amidst beautiful landscapes, breathtaking cliffs and picturesque bays. With or without a groomsmen, Ibiza is an ideal destination for your wedding.

Local Wedding Planners – You are planning your wedding in Mallorca and want professional support?

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

There are local wedding planners on Mallorca who will be happy to help you prepare for your big day. With their extensive experience in the wedding business, they will anticipate your every wish and ensure that nothing is left to chance. A wedding planner in Mallorca knows all the details necessary for an unforgettable wedding and will assist you in all decisions. Let an experienced professional help you make your wedding day a unique and unforgettable experience. We will be happy to provide you with our contacts for this purpose as well.

Can you also take wedding photos in public places on Mallorca? 

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

Yes, we can. We are ready to take your wedding photos at all possible locations. We will take the time to capture the most beautiful moments at your wedding. Get inspired by our portfolio and contact us to capture your wedding memories with Golden Elephant.

When is the best time to do a wedding photo shoot in Mallorca?

The best time to do a wedding photo shoot in Mallorca is in the evening. It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer or autumn. The temperatures are pleasant and nature is in full bloom. There are many beautiful places where you can make a unique photo shoot. Great shots can be taken even early in the morning.

Tips and tricks for your bridal couple shooting

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

As a bride and groom, it’s normal to be nervous when it comes to the bridal shoot. But don’t worry! As an experienced wedding photographer, I would like to share a few tips and tricks with you so that you are relaxed and happy during the shoot.

Just be yourself: Forget the camera and the photographer and just be yourself. This way you let your personalities shine through and be natural in your poses and gestures.

Choose a location that suits you: Choose a location that is meaningful to you or that reflects your personalities. A familiar environment will help you feel comfortable.

Communicate with the photographer: Share your wishes and ideas with the photographer. He can help you realize your vision and get the most out of the shoot.

Have fun: … and enjoy the momentWith these tips and tricks you can be sure that your bridal couple pictures will be unforgettable and full of love and joy.


When should you book us as your wedding photographer in Mallorca?

Ideally, you should book as early as possible, especially during the wedding season, as the most popular dates can get booked up quickly. In any case, you can also book us at short notice if the date is still available. Contact us now.


How many wedding photos will you receive?

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

The exact number of wedding photos depends on the duration of your photo shoot. On average, you can expect a number between 300 and 550 photos. However, it is important to note that each wedding is unique and therefore the number of photos may vary.

When and how will you receive your wedding photos?

Since your photos will be carefully edited by hand. Within a maximum of 3 weeks after your wedding you will receive the complete and finished wedding photos digitally and in high resolution for download. We provide you with an exclusive, secure online gallery where you and your guests can access all your wedding photos at any time. In this gallery you can also share your wedding pictures or directly order a wedding album, thank you cards, wall pictures or calendars. With our photos, we give you the opportunity to relive the best moments of your wedding over and over again, even if you look back on them weeks, months or even years after your wedding. Your photos will stay with you for a lifetime.

How can you make an appointment for a wedding reportage on Mallorca with us?

To make an appointment for a wedding photo shoot in Mallorca, you can contact us via our website, email, What’App or by phone (Whats App: +43 699 11 09 15 94 / Email: [email protected]).

Quality and customer satisfaction – What do previous bridal couples actually say about us:

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

As wedding photographers and videographers, it is especially important to us that our bridal couples are absolutely satisfied with the result of our work during and after your wedding. We would like to present you here the voices of bridal couples who have already had their wedding captured with us. Be inspired by their experiences and convictions and find out why Golden Elephant could be the first choice for your wedding photos:

  • We can highly recommend Daniel as a wedding photographer in Mallorca. The photos are beautiful. We booked a reportage for 10 hours and it tells the story of our wedding perfectly. We are impressed with the quality and professionalism that is evident in every photo. Thank you so much for capturing our special day. – STEFANIE UND SVEN, DEUTSCHLAND
  • With his warm and open manner, Daniel has convinced not only us, but also our guests. This sympathy is also reflected in his excellent pictures. He succeeded in capturing the special moments in an informal but highly professional way. The pictures exude the same honest emotions – happiness, joy, love, …. that we experienced on our wedding day and remember so fondly. Daniel’s boundless commitment gave us an all-around carefree package that far surpasses any other photographer’s performance. – GUDRUN UND DOMINIK, ÖSTERREICH
  • We booked Golden Elephant for our wedding in Mallorca. Daniel and the whole team have an incredible sense for the perfect light and the right perspective, which makes the pictures simply stunning. Markus didn’t really want a couple shoot at the beginning, but by the end he didn’t want to stop. Even our uncle couldn’t get the photographers off their guard during the group photo ^^. We are so thankful that Daniel and his team from Golden Elephant captured our wedding. Many, many thanks! – SUSI UND MARKUS, DEUTSCHLAND

If the testimonials from brides and grooms have convinced you and you are now ready to start your own wedding experience with Golden Elephant, contact us. Together we can make your dreams come true and keep your wedding in your heart forever. We manage to capture not only the love, but also your joy and emotions with our professional photos, and keep it forever.

Here you will find again all the points summarized

Wedding photographer Mallorca – Golden Elephant

1. We at Golden Elephant are a reliable team of photographers offering professional wedding photography and videography in Mallorca.

2. Our photographers are accomplished experts in the field of wedding photography and videography.

3. Our highly skilled team of photographers can help you capture the unique charm and unparalleled beauty of Mallorca.

4. With our first class service and equipment, we can help you capture your own personal moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

5. Our photographers are specialized in Mallorca weddings and will immortalize for you the most beautiful moments of your wedding.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time!

Golden Elephant Weddings


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