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A photo showing the groom holding the bride in his arms and tilting her backwards as the sun sets on the horizon.
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Wedding photographer Korneuburg Weinviertel

You want unique and unforgettable moments from your wedding?

Then you are right with us. Your wedding photographer and videographer from Golden Elephant in Korneuburg captures your wedding day in beautiful pictures.

Wedding photographer Korneuburg – Why a professional for your wedding photos?

Our team of photographers and videographers will perfectly capture your most beautiful moments to provide you with unique and unforgettable wedding photos. With our extensive portfolio of photography services, we are well prepared to accompany you at the registry office, at the wedding ceremony in a church or outdoors. We have years of experience in professional wedding photography and are able to perfectly execute any image idea. Our goal is to provide you with high quality and creative wedding pictures, so that you can look at them again and again with pleasure and share them with your loved ones.

Your wedding in Korneuburg and Vienna area – the perfect wedding photographer for your needs

Our professional wedding photographers have a flair for capturing and living out the right moment. We are dedicated to capturing the special moments and moods of the day to get unique and emotional wedding pictures that you can look back on and show off anytime. Our team will assist you in planning the photography sessions to make your day as relaxed and smooth as possible. We make sure that the photos reflect your personality and tell the story of your special day. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Finding the right wedding photographer in Korneuburg – tips and tricks

When looking for a photographer for your special day in Korneuburg, it’s important to take the time to figure out which style best suits your vision. Look at examples from photo galleries in advance to get a feel for the photographer’s style. Discuss your ideas openly with the photographer before making a decision. And most importantly, stay true to yourself. Let your gut instinct guide you, because in the end, it’s you who wants to be reflected in your photos.

Detailed shot of the wedding rings
(c) Golden Elephant Wedding Photographer
Wedding photographer Korneuburg Weinviertel



Dream wedding photos with a professional wedding photographer in Korneuburg.

Don’t feel alone in your search for the right wedding photographer. We are always at your side with advice and support. With our many years of experience in photography and our passion for beautiful moments, we want to help you make your wedding in Korneuburg an unforgettable experience. With our professional team we will capture all your moments and turn them into unique pictures that you can always look at with a great pleasure.

Your wedding in Korneuburg – The best tips for a professional wedding photographer

A professional wedding photographer in Korneuburg is an important addition to your special day. We will help you find the best photographer for your needs. Make sure he photographs you and your guests in a comfortable way so you feel at ease and relaxed. Discuss with the photographer the length of the photography sessions to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Wedding photography in the Weinviertel

You want to capture your special day with wonderful and vivid photos? Then you need a professional wedding photographer who will photograph you and your guests in a pleasant way. Whether it’s the registry office, the church, or your wedding reception, our experienced photographers at Golden Elephant will capture every important moment of your day, from the bouquet toss, to the cutting of the wedding cake, to the celebration with your loved ones. A good photographer knows how to reflect your personality and emotions in every scene, telling the story of your day. If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer in Weinviertel or Stockerau, you’ve come to the right place. We tell you what to look for when choosing a photographer and give you the best tips for your dream wedding.

Bride proudly presents her wedding ring taken by Golden Elephant wedding photographer in Korneuburg
(c) Golden Elephant Wedding Photographer
Wedding photographer Korneuburg Weinviertel

How long does it take for the wedding photographer in Korneuburg to provide the photos?

After the wedding until the delivery of the photos usually pass between 3-4 weeks. Our team works quickly but carefully to ensure that each photo is unique and perfect. We then provide you with all the photos as a digital photo album that you can download for free and share with friends and family.

What guarantees does a wedding photographer in Korneuburg offer?

As a wedding photographer in Korneuburg, we offer you a number of guarantees. Golden Elephant stands for professional and customized photography at a fair price. For you we will capture your day in a unique way. We guarantee you unique photos of your wedding ceremony, wedding reception and bridal bouquet toss. The whole Team will also provide you with top-notch service and friendly and professional communication. We always strive to meet the highest quality standards to give you the best possible results.

Bride walking up steps to the wedding ceremony by Golden Elephant wedding photographer in Korneuburg

What additional options do we offer from Golden Elephant – wedding photographer in Korneuburg?

Our professional wedding photographer in Korneuburg offers a variety of additional options.


If you like, you can rent a photobox to make your wedding day and your guests even more memorable. The photobox is a big hit at many wedding parties and offers you an unusual and unique view of your day.

Wedding albums

We also offer you the opportunity to make photo books or other photo albums, where you can creatively compile your wedding pictures and give your wedding a very special touch.

Drone photography

You can make your wedding even more memorable with drone photography. These spectacular shots will provide you and your guests with an unforgettable memory of your most special day.

Wedding video

If you choose to have a wedding video, we can provide you with a video of your special moments. Our professional video team will create a video for you, capturing the best moments and memories of your wedding. You can share the video on your website and send it to friends and family. So you can relive your day whenever you want. Our team from Korneuburg and the Weinviertel region leaves nothing to chance, so you can still reminisce about your wedding day in the future. We work quickly and carefully to create unique videos.

How much does a wedding photographer in Korneuburg cost?

The costs for a wedding photographer in Korneuburg can vary depending on the service and duration of the job. We offer a flexible pricing model based on the services and the amount of work involved. Our service includes travel to and from the location, photography and image editing. Our prices start at 4 hours around 1.090,- Euro. These can vary depending on the photographer and service. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to your wishes and requirements.

We would also like to point out that we offer a very experienced and professional service. Our photographers and videographers are carefully selected and have enjoyed excellent training in photography and film lighting. With our team from Korneuburg and the Weinviertel region, you have a reliable and experienced partner at your side who will make your day unforgettable.

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Groom lovingly kisses the bride in her wedding dress on the forehead in Korneuburg

“Golden Elephant” wedding photographer tips for the best locations in Klosterneuburg and surroundings:

Villa Gugging:

Getting married at Villa Gugging: an unforgettable day in a unique setting.

Are you dreaming of an open-air wedding in a green setting? Villa Gugging, only 20 minutes from Vienna, offers a perfect location for your wedding ceremony. Civil, free and church weddings are possible here. Celebrate in the garden with family and friends and experience a day under the sign of love combined with the pleasure of art. The villa can accommodate up to 100 people and offers a private and family-friendly ambience.

A special location for all art lovers, Villa Gugging is located in the heart of the Vienna Woods and is one of the quietest and greenest wedding venues in the area. The exterior facade is constantly changed by artists* and thus offers a unique flair. There are also two beautiful paintings in the villa.

For a wedding with a special flair, you may also want vintage cars, furniture and decor. The possibilities are endless and we will adapt to your wishes. A modern and minimalist wedding celebration is also possible.

REFUGIO – Pecoraro Balsamico:

The REFUGIO Pecoraro Balsamico welcomes you in Klosterneuburg on the Ölberg. Here you have the opportunity to experience your celebration in an extraordinary setting away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. State opera singer Herwig Pecoraro and his son Mario have created this place with a lot of passion and attention to detail. Gourmets can watch the chefs at work from the open kitchen before feasting at a beautifully set table next to the private natural pond. Accommodates up to 32 guests for afternoons and evenings on the covered terrace, lounge areas and indoor dining.

Rosenhof Klosterneuburg:

Experience history up close at the Rosenhof, a historic town house in the heart of Klosterneuburg’s old town. Right next to the town square, the property has been lovingly restored to provide components for your wedding. Celebrate your wedding in a stylish ambience and become part of the history of this beautiful house. The inner courtyard with its baroque facade and late Gothic core is one of the most beautiful in Klosterneuburg. A civil wedding is also possible in the Rosenhof.

Stift Klosterneuburg:

The story of Stift Klosterneuburg Abbey revolves around a bride whose bridal veil was snatched away and later found by a king, who then decided to build a monastery there. To this day, Klosterneuburg is an important part of Austria’s history and a symbol of the country. If you want to get married, the Stift Klosterneuburg offers a comprehensive package that will also help you plan and execute your wedding celebration.

Tuttendörfl Korneuburg:

You can celebrate your wedding in Tuttendörfl according to your wishes. Whether indoors or outdoors, traditional or modern – you have many venues to choose from. Enjoy the nature comfortably in the chestnut garden, or from the sun deck. For individual wishes at your wedding celebration, a wide variety of premises are available. Whether traditional or modern, indoors or outdoors, the possibilities of our restaurant are very diverse and defy all weather caprices. You and your guests can enjoy the Danube flowing by while you celebrate your wedding.

Your advantages with your wedding photographer from Golden Elephant summarized:

1. With our years of experience as wedding photographers, we can perfectly capture your wedding in Korneuburg and the entire Weinvietel.

2. The Golden Elephant photographers guarantee high quality and unique memories of your special day.

3. Professional cameras are used to create your unique and high quality.

4. Our photographers are sensitive and professional.

5. We offer many photo packages to meet your individual needs.

6. We offer an affordable but high quality and unforgettable photos and videos.

With Golden Elephant, you can rest assured that we will capture your special memories forever. We are wedding photographers who will cater to your needs and desires.

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