Getting married in Mallorca

Getting married in Mallorca - information for your dream wedding
Getting married in Mallorca – information for your dream wedding

Picturesque beaches, a bright sunshine and the sea on the horizon – getting married in Mallorca is a dream that can come true for many people. Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and offers the perfect setting for a beautiful wedding. We will help you to make your Mallorca wedding an unforgettable experience.

An unforgettable atmosphere – Enjoy the dreamlike ambience

Mallorca is a true paradise and offers a unique setting for your wedding. From the breathtaking views of the sea to the picturesque alleys in old towns, there is something for everyone. Let the beauty of Mallorca envelop you and enjoy the many romantic locations the island has to offer. We will help you find the perfect place for your dream wedding.

Why get married in Mallorca?

Brautpaarshooting in mitten der wunderschönen Natur bei Sonnenuntergang in Mallorca nach ihrer Hochzeit
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) Golden Elephant wedding photographer Mallorca

The beauty of nature

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with breathtaking landscapes, picturesque beaches and a unique culture. There is so much to discover and experience, so that you and your guests can get to know the island from its most beautiful side.

A variety of locations

Mallorca offers many different locations that are suitable for your wedding. Whether a romantic beach, a stylish finca or a cozy restaurant – you are guaranteed to find the perfect place for your dream wedding.

Unique ambience

Mallorca offers unique settings and many romantic locations that are perfect for a wedding. Let the beauty of Mallorca envelop you and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the island.

Natural beauty

Mallorca is known for its beautiful landscapes with coasts, mountains and vast green meadows. A finca offers an idyllic setting for a wedding, with magnificent views of nature and peaceful surroundings.

Exclusivity & Flexibility

When you rent a finca or hacienda, you have the entire place to yourself and your guests. This means that you have the freedom to design everything according to your wishes and make your celebration completely private. A finca also offers plenty of space and freedom for your wedding to include different activities such as ceremonies, receptions, dining and dancing.

Cultural authenticity

Eine Hochzeit auf einer mallorquinischen Finca bietet eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, die Kultur und Traditionen Mallorcas zu erleben. Hier könnt ihr regionale Speisen, Wein und Musik genießen, die den Charakter der Insel widerspiegeln.

Personalisierte Erfahrung

Since you have all the control over the finca, you can customize the decor, menus and other details to your liking. This means that you can have a wedding that is completely your own.

In summary, a wedding on a finca in Mallorca offers an unforgettable experience that combines nature, authenticity and exclusivity. It is a perfect place for couples who want an unforgettable and unique wedding celebration.

Can you get married legally in Mallorca?

Details beim Ringe anstecken von einer Hochzeit in der Kirche Son Servera auf Mallorca
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) Golden Elephant wedding photographer Mallorca

Yes, you can get married legally in Mallorca. You will need to make an appointment with the relevant registry office to make the official application for marriage. It is recommended to make an appointment several weeks in advance, as scheduling in Mallorca is often very busy.

What are the costs associated with a wedding in Mallorca?

The cost of a wedding in Mallorca depends on many factors. Such as the location of the ceremony, the number of guests, the menu, the entertainment program and the type of flower arrangements. Therefore, it is difficult to make a complete list of costs. However, it is possible to mention some general costs that may apply to a Mallorca wedding, including the cost of the wedding venue, catering services, music, photography and videography, and the wedding dress. There are also additional costs that may be incurred when planning a wedding in Mallorca, such as the cost of a wedding vehicle, a wedding florist and the cost of a professional catering team.

Are there special marriage laws / requirements in Mallorca for future spouses?

Yes, there are special marriage laws in Mallorca. As citizens of Spain, residents of Mallorca are subject to the Spanish Civil Code (Código Civil Español), which contains rules for marriage, the conduct of marriage and the dissolution of marriage. There are also some specific laws in Mallorca related to marriage and family. Important: The requirements may vary in a complementary and facilitating way depending on the citizenship.

What documents are needed to get married in Mallorca?

To get married in Mallorca you will need an international marriage certificate, a copy of both spouses’ passports, a birth certificate with apostille, a criminal history check and a certificate of marital status (Certificado de Registro de Estado Civil) of both spouses. Important: Documents may vary depending on citizenship.

What has been the experience of other couples getting married in Mallorca?

Other couples who have gotten married in Mallorca report an unforgettable and relaxed atmosphere. They enjoyed the beautiful and tranquil surroundings and the gorgeous scenery that created the perfect ambiance for their big day. The other couples also appreciated the professional service they received in organizing and carrying out their wedding.

Who can help me plan my wedding in Mallorca?

Schuhe zum heiraten auf Mallorca
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) Golden Elephant wedding photographer Mallorca

We can help you with the planning of your wedding in Mallorca! Our team at Golden Elephant has some contacts that we have had the pleasure of meeting during our work as wedding photographers . We offer a personalized service and will assist you in choosing the perfect venue, arranging service providers and all other steps to your big day. We are happy to be able to help you. For an expert interview with a wedding planner, we are also happy to provide you with our contacts of wedding planners.

Are there local wedding planners in Mallorca who can help me?

Yes, there are local wedding planners in Mallorca who can help you. Wedding planners can help you organize your wedding and help you prepare every aspect of your big day perfectly. The advantage of wedding planners is that they have extensive experience in organizing and executing weddings in Mallorca. In addition, you also know all the details that are necessary for a successful wedding.

Speakers for a free wedding ceremony

In Mallorca there is a choice of speakers in different languages. Professional speakers are professionals in giving emotional and personal speeches and creating a unique wedding ceremony.

Where can you get married in Mallorca?

In Mallorca there are many beautiful places where you can get married. There are several hotels and villas that offer wedding packages, including the possibility of celebrating on a beach. You can also have a wedding ceremony in one of the many churches on the island. If you are looking for a unique experience, there are also rental companies that offer wedding services in a boat or even in a balloon.

A day you will never forget – getting married in Mallorca

Braut beim Einzug in die Kirche Son Servera - Mallorca
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) Golden Elephant wedding photographer Mallorca

There are many different locations available for your wedding on Mallorca. Whether a romantic beach, a stylish hall or a cozy restaurant – there is something for every taste and every budget. We will advise you on the choice of location, catering and music, and help you organize your special day.

Getting married on a finca in Mallorca: The advantages of an unforgettable wedding celebration in the middle of nature

A finca is a traditional Mallorcan property, often located in a rural area, which offers a wonderful setting for a wedding celebration. Here are some of the advantages that a wedding on a finca in Mallorca has to offer.

Can you have outdoor ceremonies in Mallorca?

Yes, you can have outdoor ceremonies in Mallorca. In many areas of the island there are beautiful views and romantic landscapes that are suitable for an extraordinary celebration. Whether you want to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or a christening, there are many ways to create your event in a unique place.

Discover the most beautiful wedding locations for your wedding in Mallorca with Golden Elephant wedding photography.

Mallorca is a wonderful place for your wedding and offers a variety of beautiful locations perfect for an unforgettable ceremony. As wedding photographers, we are proud to recommend some of the best locations on the island.

The Port Verd del Mar – A dream wedding location by the sea

Brautaar im Port Verd del Mar einer Hochzeitslocation
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) wedding photographer Mallorca Golden Elephant

As wedding photographers, we know that every wedding is unique. Therefore, we also recommend, for example, the Port Verd del Mar as the perfect wedding location for an unforgettable wedding.

The host family Lehmann has created an oasis of pleasure here and established one of the most beautiful locations on the island of Mallorca. With breathtaking panoramic views over the Costa des Pins, a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace and in the pavilion directly by the sea, every event or candlelight dinner is a special premium experience.

You can celebrate your civil wedding in the beautiful round pavilion above the sea, surrounded by a breathtaking view. During a reception with cava or sparkling wine, you and your guests can enjoy what Port Verd has to offer. As well as gourmet finger foods, country tapas and multi-course menus. All freshly prepared by the excellent kitchen team.

You can enjoy this special day to the fullest with your guests, from a beautiful wedding ceremony to an exuberant celebration in the finca event location that lasts into the night.

Other locations we can recommend:

These venues all offer a beautiful atmosphere and unique facilities to make your special day unforgettable.

As experienced wedding photographers, we work closely with the best Wedding Planners in Mallorca to help you plan your wedding. One of the best agencies we can recommend is Mallorca Weddings. You can rely on their expertise to make your wedding an unforgettable event.

Dream wedding on the islands of Menorca or Ibiza: alternative options for an unforgettable celebration

If you couldn’t get a date to get married in Mallorca, you don’t have to be disappointed. The neighboring islands of Menorca and Ibiza also offer unique and stunning options for your wedding.

Menorca is an idyllic destination with picturesque beaches and turquoise waters. It offers the perfect setting for a romantic beach wedding and is a popular destination for couples who dream of getting married in the shade of palm trees and with the sound of the waves in the background.

Ibiza, on the other hand, is known for its party scene, but the island also has a tranquil and natural beauty to offer. It is the ideal place for brides and grooms who want to celebrate an extravagant and unique wedding. Here you can get married amidst beautiful landscapes, breathtaking cliffs and picturesque bays. Whether with or without a witness.

Relive the beauty of your wedding forever with Golden Elephant wedding photographers and videographers

Ein küssendes Brautpaar am Strand von Mallorca
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) wedding photographer Mallorca Golden Elephant

A wedding is an unforgettable event and it is of great importance to preserve every moment of it for eternity. The Golden Elephant team is here to help you do that by artfully capturing and preserving every moment of your wedding.

A timeless style: our own philosophy as a wedding photographer in Mallorca

As wedding photographers at Golden Elephant, we have developed our own distinctive style that is timeless, elegant and modern at the same time. Our photography is a perfect combination of artistic vision and technical skills. With our sophisticated techniques and eye for the small details, we will make sure that each of your wedding memories will be vivid and unique. Get inspired by our stunning photos and see our style for yourself.

Prices and services to get married in Mallorca

Professional wedding photography

We understand that your wedding is a unique moment in your life and that you want to preserve every moment of it forever. That’s why the team at Golden Elephant offers you professional wedding photography, so you can experience every moment in all its glory and preserve it for eternity. Our experienced photographer will be by your side to capture all the important moments of your wedding – from the preparations, to the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom shoot and the celebration.

Videography: Getting married in Mallorca – now captured in moving image.

Our talented videographer will be present on your special day to capture every emotional moment of your wedding in moving images. From the preparations to the wedding ceremony, the bridal shoot and the celebration – no moment will go unobserved and preserved for eternity.

Your wedding from a bird’s eye view: let us take breathtaking aerial photos with our drones!

Experience your wedding from a whole new perspective with our spectacular drone shots! Let us capture the beauty of your special day from the air and preserve it forever. Our experienced pilots will ensure that every moment is captured from a breathtaking perspective. From the bride and groom shoot to the ceremony, you’ll experience your wedding in a whole new way with our drone photography.

Digital images in extremely high resolution

Relive your wedding memories in all their beauty – With our high resolution digital images. We make sure that you can relive every moment of your wedding by providing all the edited photos on a user-friendly digital platform. This way, you’ll always have access to your precious memories and can share them with friends and family at any time.

Customized offer

Our team at Golden Elephant understands that every wedding is unique and special. That’s why we offer you a personalized quote that is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires. From the length of the photo shoot to the number of images, we’ll make sure everything is exactly how you envision it. Let’s create the perfect wedding experience for you together. Interested?

Write to us now for a no obligation quote

Additional photography services – After Wedding Shooting

Küssendes Brautpaar in der schönen Natur
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) wedding photographer Mallorca Golden Elephant

We also offer an exclusive after-wedding shoot, where you will have another chance to put on your wedding attire and create wonderful memories of this special day. This extra service is a great way to complete your wedding memories and capture a special moment after your big day.

An after-wedding shoot offers a number of benefits, including:

  • More relaxed atmosphere: After the stress and hustle and bustle of the wedding day, the after-wedding shoot gives you more time and peace to focus on photography and get relaxed, natural images.
  • Alternative outfits after getting married in Mallorca: You can wear different, more casual outfits in the after-wedding shoot that fit better in a photogenic environment than the formal attire of the wedding day.
  • Different locations and landscapes: An after-wedding shoot can take place in a different location than the wedding, giving you the opportunity to explore different landscapes and environments and get unique images.
  • More time with the photographer: In an after-wedding shoot, you have more time to engage with the photographer and make sure you get what you want.

Our claim – Create for you unique wedding moments for eternity.

Our claim is to capture unique and unforgettable moments from your wedding. Our professional photographers and videographers will make sure that your most beautiful moments are captured forever. We are extremely careful in choosing the best shots to make your wedding unforgettable.

The experience of Golden Elephant

Our team has a lot of experience in photography and videography and can guarantee you a professional result. We have accompanied many weddings in Mallorca and will provide you with excellent shots and videos. We would be happy to accompany your wedding as well.

Our commitment

We are excited to accompany your wedding in Mallorca. Our experienced and professional team is dedicated and professional. Your Golden Elephant wedding photographer in Mallorca will do everything possible to capture your most beautiful moments forever.

Our wedding packages to get married in Mallorca

We offer several individual options to make your dream wedding an unforgettable experience. We will be happy to give you recommendations for the perfect wedding and can take into account your wishes and ideas to offer you the day that suits you best.

Eheringe für dich Hochzeit
Wedding – Marriage in Mallorca / (c) wedding photographer Mallorca Golden Elephant

How much does a wedding photographer in Mallorca cost?

The price for a wedding photographer in Mallorca can vary greatly depending on the duration and scope of the assignment, experience and reputation of the photographer, as well as other factors. On average, you can expect prices between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, but it can be higher or lower. It is important to compare different photographers and carefully consider your services and prices to find the best photographer for your wedding.

The Golden Elephant Fee

The Golden Elephant team understands how important it is to preserve the special moments of your wedding forever. That’s why we aim to provide you with top-notch wedding photography and videography at a reasonable price.

We offer you a wide range of services and flexible options.

Golden Elephant offers from a medium price range to an upscale price range.

Our prices start from 4 hours at 1.690,- EUR for 150-200 edited photos in digital form.

Transparency is important to us.

We value transparency and want to make sure you are fully informed before making a decision. The Golden Elephant team will explain all services and costs in detail and will work with you to create a custom quote that fits you perfectly.

Contact us now for a no obligation quote

If you would like to learn more about our wedding packages, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you plan your wedding and providing you with an unforgettable experience.

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